For Those About to Read (I Salute You)

 (a little tongue in cheek, especially from the first few stanzas)

This is another one of my mindless adventures (the hotlink above, in case you missed it).  I’ve long (albeit rarely) used this as a forum solely to regurgitate my thoughts and an outlet for the pets that peeve.  I’ll try to keep From ACRoss the Lawn as social/political/etc. commentary while the Andy Likes Tater Tots (really, I do… I absolutely love them) spot will be my outlet for the jackasses that cut me off in traffic, the moms that irritate me at the little league baseball field, the wonderful bowl of phở I encountered recently, or any of the numerous bits and blatherings I come up with.

For some reason (other than the blatant self-promotion), I feel the need to share this other part of Andge² with you.  Call it the Andge¹ portion of Andge².  Please, mathematicians, keep your exponential quotation usage tips to yourselves; it’s meant to be playful.  Much like the words formed across your screen, it’s all playful.  Well, some of it’s serious (although mostly unsupported and absolutely naïve) and my heartfelt opinion.

My opinions, of course, are based on experience, educational opportunities taken (or lack thereof), what I’ve seen or heard, and even the occasional putting of 2 and 2 together.  Opinions are like that.  Most people I disagree with are complete buffoons and in no way have the intellect to fathom what I’m truly trying to suggest; morons, the whole lot. By the way, no I’m not simulating an oral sex act, that’s my tongue planted firmly within my left cheek.

And last but not least, a message for you ever-so-present Grammar Nazis: please, feel free to correct and point out any and all issues.  I haven’t been formally trained in the art of editing.  I have, though, been quite pleased with the advancements of, not only my humility, but my adroit use of vitriol.  So, bring it.

I kid, I kid.

Seriously though, take a peek at starting with my initial posting through the last.  That should give you something to ponder.  Should you feel the need to comment, go for it.  Let your fingers fly and may your mind be lit afire with rational or irrational blather. I welcome the dialog.



P.S. I think I’ve covered portions of this before.  Although possibly redundant, it is necessary to point out… again.


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