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“Eastward and westward storms are breaking…”

The media is seemingly missing key discussion topics in its outrage over the shooting of Michael Brown. With other notable race related violence occurring around our country, why is the focus on Ferguson, Missouri?


Dem Bums

As the week trudges along towards its inevitable end, I find myself humored (less “ha-ha,” more “eyes rolled”) by the goings on in Washington.  The government shut down (laced with more debt ceiling talk), Congressional leadership going back and forth over this and that, all the while our ever so controversial President laying claim to […]

Zombie Killer

Just the other day, I heard about a young boy being suspended for playing with a (toy) gun in his front yard while waiting for the bus.  What the hell do we do now?  Seriously?  Our children can’t play in their front yards anymore without fear of the Play Nazis quietly patrolling our communities?   […]