Well, Howdy

As with any amateurish endeavor, this blog will be filled with successes, errors, flaws, misconceptions, over-exuberance, et al.  I’ve done no research whatsoever (not really) nor have I really had any type of formal training (just my own school of thought).  My opinion and my conclusions are not necessarily final, as I too find that I can change my mind at the drop of any proverbial hat.  There.  There it is.  Succinct (no, really… I don’t ramble on and on and on and on) and ridiculous should be the only descriptors to what I am trying to do.    

When it becomes necessary to moderate any discussion derived or manifested from within these ramblings, I will utilize, with full force, my uneducated and mostly naïve logic.  This is my blog, my rules, my whim, my way.  Yup. 

Let this be known as a non-mission statement, a declaration for the mass of trivia and opinion swarming within my lobes, and an outlet for my previously unheard (or unread, really) rants. 

By the way, you can call me “AndgeSquared” or Andge² (if you can figure it out). 


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